When you choose Lux Hair, you choose excellence. We provide the highest quality of 100% raw human hair. With the cuticle intact and our wefts precisely sewn, Lux Hair will never shed or tangle. Lux Hair Collection was designed to offer you flawless hair extensions at affordable prices. Every lady deserves Lux. 

Why Lux Hair Collection?

This is one of the best things that has happened to my hair! After watching my sister put weaves in her hair, I wanted to give it a try. However, I was never satisfied by the quality of the hair I used. I couldn't comb it without it shedding or tangling. It was not attractive. I was introduced to the Lux Hair Collection. Samples of the collection were shown. First, let me say that packaging is everything! That alone caught my attention. I took the hair to my stylist, who stated the hair was high grade and that it would last a long time. It made me look so beautiful! It was soft and luxurious! I immediately fell in love. I was able to care for the hair and didn't have to worry about shedding or it tangling. I wore it straight or curled. It felt like my own hair...which is always the ultimate goal!! I received so many compliments. For any woman looking for high-quality hair, I certainly recommend the Luxe Hair Collection. Say, Karen sent you!

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